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Healers of Kibera Healers of Kibera Kibera, Nairobi’s largest slum, is a place where religion is seldom taken lightly. ... Read more...
Kenya Daadab Camp Kenya Daadab Camp For the last twenty years Kenya has been a safe haven for Somali’s fleeing civil unrest in their home countr... Read more...
Football Made in Africa Football Made in Africa It is a game that unites like no other. Followed by millions across the continent, football is a religion. In ... Read more...
The Children Of Terror The Children Of Terror Thousands of children, as young as nine, are fighting in wars and conflicts around the world that they neither... Read more...
George Adamson - The man Who Walked With Lions George Adamson - The man Who Walked With Lions A naturalist and a rebel of sorts. These are some of the words that can be used to describe George Adamson. An... Read more...
Slumdog Boxers Slumdog Boxers Kenya may best be known for its long distance runners, but the country’s sporting talent happens to ext... Read more...


Duncan Willetts

Duncan Willetts, one of Africa's and Europe's major creative photographers and photojournalist, moved to Sudan from England in 1974 and then on to Nairobi in 1977 to partner with famed African photographer/cameraman Mohamed Amin who was tragically killed in...

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Another Side of Africa

A Gallery of Advertising and Commercial work by Duncan...

Underwater Abstracts

View images of corals and underwater lifeforms by Duncan...

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